Jewelry Care

I’m always looking for simple and easy steps to keep all my jewelry looking great and ready to wear and here is where you need to know some basic knowledge about Jewelry Care, sterling silver, silver care and storage.

Sterling silver jewelry’s tendency to tarnish makes it unappealing to some individuals; this leads many to opt for the more expensive white gold or platinum instead of silver. But once you understand what causes tarnish, it becomes fairly easy to virtually stop this natural process. It’s possible to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing with proper care and handling.

The friction that’s associated with every day wear of sterling silver jewelry essentially “polishes” away much of the tarnish, so items that are worn on a daily basis don’t tend to tarnish as quickly. Tarnish will accumulate in crevices and the overall shine and tone will begin to fade.

You will find easy ways to keep your sterling silver jewelry clean with a minimum amount of time and effort. Sterling silver really is not that difficult to take care of whether it is your precious sterling silver jewelry or fine tableware. Keeping sterling silver tarnish free and sparkling is really pretty easy.

With proper care, your sterling silver jewelry will retain its beauty and shine for many generations to come.
Strong and beautiful, affordable, hypoallergenic, and fashionable, it can be polished to a lustrous sheen no other metal can match.

Don’t keep it tucked away just for special occasions!

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